08/04/2015 10:50 EDT | Updated 08/04/2016 05:59 EDT

Drake trolls Meek Mill with PowerPoint slideshow at OVO Fest

Drake took his high-profile feud with Philly rapper Meek Mill to a new level during his show-capping performance at OVO Fest in Toronto over the weekend. 

When the headliner hit the stage at the Molson Amphitheatre to perform his new diss track Back to Back, a towering screen behind the rapper played what appeared to be a PowerPoint presentation of ruthless memes mocking Meek Mill.

Naturally, Twitter blew up, with the meme screen spawning new memes and many #teamDrake supporters declaring victory in the pair's ridiculous public beef.

Drake telegraphed his intentions before ever stepping foot on the stage.

Once he started performing, things escalated pretty quickly.

Drake also dragged Meek Mill's current girlfriend and hip hop star Nicki Minaj into the mix. 

Drake even paid homage to Toronto City Coun. Norm Kelly, who came to Drake's defence when the beef started and ended up in his own feud with Meek Mill.

Then things got even crazier when Drake hinted another diss track was coming soon. 

And finally the internet took the meme-filled performance and... made more memes.