08/04/2015 04:01 EDT | Updated 08/04/2015 04:59 EDT

What Dietitians Would Eat At Subway


It's the quick fix that you've been eating for years. Either you're loyal to your favourite subs — like the Subway club or melt — or you have your own sub with customized veggies, meats and of course, sub sauce.

And while you can get away with healthier salad choices (minus all the sauce or dressing), there are ways to cut down on fat and sodium when you want to eat a sub — because really, why go to Subway and not order a sandwich?

But instead of relying on meats, pop or sides like chips to keep you fill, opt for veggies.

"Fill up on vegetables like lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, peppers and onions and limit processed meats. Also limit too many pickled or high sodium toppings like olives, hot peppers, jalepenos or pickles," says Stefanie Senior, a registered dietitian based in Toronto. "If you're getting cheese, ask for their real cheddar cheese. I am not a fan of any type of processed meat, even if they are low in saturated fat such as turkey and ham. They are still high in sodium and nitrates."

Senior adds you should also ask for low calorie, sodium and sugar sauces like light mayo, fat-free honey mustard and regular mustard.

This week our dietitians picked several subs (and one salad) that would be optimal choices if you're planning on eating at Subway anytime soon. Check out the slideshow below and let us know, what do you order?

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What Dietitians Would Eat At Subway