08/04/2015 09:44 EDT | Updated 08/04/2016 05:59 EDT

Trudeau: Harper's Calling Me 'Justin' To Distract People From Economy

TORONTO — Stephen Harper may feel he's on a first-name basis with Justin Trudeau, but the Liberal leader isn't rising to the prime minister's bait.

Trudeau was first out on the campaign trail today, unveiling the Liberal campaign bus at an early rally in Mississauga, Ont.  

He dismissed as a "distraction" Harper's apparent preference for referring to his Liberal rival simply as "Justin," dropping his famous last name, while ignoring a Canadian economy that's sliding into recession.

Harper says sliding crude prices have created "temporary effects" in some sectors of the Canadian economy, but that he remains optimistic about the prospects for an economic turnaround.

Trudeau says Harper's plan is not working and the "real risk is sticking with the status quo."

The Conservative campaign is in Toronto today, with an announcement planned in the hotly contested riding of Eglinton-Lawrence, currently held by Finance Minister Joe Oliver.

While Monday was the first full day of the campaign, today sees all three main party leaders on the hustings for the first time: NDP Leader Tom Mulcair is scheduled to make an announcement in Montreal.


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