08/05/2015 03:13 EDT | Updated 08/05/2016 05:59 EDT

Canada election 2015: Laureen Harper tours Conservative campaign offices

Stephen Harper's wife Laureen is out campaigning today while the Conservative Party leader prepares for tomorrow's debates in Toronto.

Laureen Harper was joined by her daughter, Rachel, at the Richmond Hill, Ont. campaign headquarters of Conservative candidate Costas Menegakis, where she thanked the approximately 45 campaign workers who came out to see her. Richmond Hill is north of Toronto.

Harper told the campaign workers that Canadians vote for local MPs, rather than for a leader to become prime minister, and that it takes hundreds of people to get those local MPs elected.

Harper, like NDP Leader Tom Mulcair, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, is taking Wednesday to get ready for Thursday's debate, the first of the campaign.

The Harpers' children, Ben and Rachel, have so far have been out more than in previous campaigns. Aged 10 and six when they first moved into 24 Sussex Dr., Ben is now in university and Rachel in high school.

'Secret weapon'

At the second campaign stop, in the riding Mississauga Lakeshore, Conservative candidate Stella Ambler introduced Harper to the crowd of about 60 volunteers as "Stephen Harper's secret weapon."

"I'm just the wife of 'hey you,' and whatever," Harper joked.

She spoke briefly to the crowd about the importance of volunteering no matter your political stripe, but allowed "I am partial to blue."

That, of course, is the colour associated with the Conservative party.