08/05/2015 11:30 EDT | Updated 08/05/2016 05:59 EDT

Cineplex revamps Scene loyalty program, requires more points for premium movies

Cineplex is revamping its Scene rewards program to make consumers save more points before they can earn VIP or 3D films.

It also plans to hand out more reward points to people who buy tickets to premium movies.

The change affects about 6.6 million Canadians, who join the entertainment loyalty program to earn free movies, a discount on snacks and other rewards.

Right now, Scene members can gain free tickets to any general admission, premium or VIP movie if they have saved 1,000 points.

After Nov. 4, general admission movies will still cost 1,000 points, but premium movies such as 3D, Imax, UltraAVX and D-Box will cost 1,500 points, as will some special screenings such as ESports or the Stratford Festival HD.

VIP tickets and special screenings such as The Met: Live in HD will cost 2,000 Scene points.

Cineplex also plans to boost the number of Scene points awarded for each premium movie ticket purchased to 150 points and for VIP movies to 200 points. The ticket price for premium movies is usually higher than for general admission films.

General admission movies will continue to earn 100 points, meaning 10 ticket purchases will result in a free general admission movie.

Cineplex, which controls 162 Canadian cinemas, has a partnership with Scotiabank that allows holders of the bank's Visa or debit cards to earn extra points both in the cinema and when they make purchases.

The company says on its website it is changing the loyalty program to reflect the advent of more premium movie experiences.

"Since Scene launched in 2007, the way we see movies has changed. The movie-going experience now includes a wide range of premium experiences that didn't exist before, from 3D to UltraAVX to D-Box, as well as introducing VIP Cinemas in select regions," it says. "With all these changes, Scene needs to change."

A number of Scene members on the forum RedFlagDeals said they would race to use their Scene points before Nov. 4 to get more premium movies for their loyalty points.