Bride And Groom Choose 'Flower Grannies' Over Flower Girls

And they're having so. Much. Fun.

Jessica Gold and Jonathan Drooker weren't satisfied with having their grandmothers simply sit in the audience on their wedding day, so they asked them to walk down the aisle instead.

Both of Gold's grandmothers — who she refers to as Grandma Pette, 90, and Oma, 82, — tossed flowers down the aisle before she made her wedding day debut this past weekend at Cambium Farms in Caledon, Ont. And based on the pictures, they had a blast doing it.

"They were adorable and even spent time practising walking on the grass in the weeks leading up to the event," Gold told The Huffington Post Canada. "Our grandmothers paved the path for us... [so] what better way to honour them, than to have them 'pave' the path for us as 'Flower Grannies.'"

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Unfortunately, Drooker's grandmother couldn't make it to the wedding, but it didn't stop her from watching her grandson say "I do." The couple felt her presence in the audience via Skype throughout the entire ceremony.

The flower grannies trend was first reported in 2014, when the New York Times posted a story about a pair of grandmothers — aged 76 and 81 — who tossed petals and hops at their grandchildren's wedding in 2012.

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