Where To Find Free Airport Wifi In Canada

Bring on the flight delays! (No, don't. We were just kidding.)

The days of paying for wifi in public places is quickly coming to an end. Nearly every coffee shop offers it, and some cities are wiring entire downtown areas. And while staying in a hotel with pay-per-use wifi used to be considered a perk, now it’s a strike against a lodging if wifi isn’t automatically offered for free.

Airports are another area in Canada where free wifi is now the norm more than the exception. Complimentary wifi is available at airports across the country: north and south, east and west. And many terminals have additional features for travellers who need to check in on their devices, including charging stations, computer workstations, and comfy seating.

Not sure if the airport you’re visiting will have wifi available? You can get information on airports around the world at FlightStats. And these 17 airports, from YYJ to YYT, have complimentary internet access along with a bunch of other great features to make your trip a breeze.

Airports With Free Wifi