08/05/2015 06:01 EDT | Updated 08/05/2015 06:59 EDT

Lynn Canyon Cliff Jumping Leads To 5 Rescues In 1 Day

"The signs and dangers are obvious.. but [people] keep jumping."


Officials in North Vancouver are warning the public to ease up on cliff jumping after a spree of accidents over the August long weekend.

Lynn Canyon is a popular spot during the summer, with many people climbing the parks' bridges and cliffs to leap into the water below. On Monday, fire crews had to make five rescues in just one day, according to the District of North Vancouver Fire Department.

One man separated his shoulder after he jumped from the canyon's Twin Falls bridge, according to Global News. Hours later, crews returned to help a woman who seriously injured her back and was found at the bottom of a pool nearly 30 metres deep.

"The signs and dangers are obvious," Assistant Fire Chief Mike Cairns told Global. "[But] they're going to keep jumping, right off the bridge, while we're there performing our rescue."

Videos are frequently posted to YouTube showing people sliding through the canyon's chutes and rivers, which many compare to a "slip 'n slide."

Mayor Richard Walton said the District of North Vancouver is considering fining jumpers to try and discourage the dangerous activity that looks so attractive on social media, reported CTV News.

"The challenge is trying to enforce the ticket," Walton told the outlet. "It's not going to prevent 100,000 hits on YouTube."

Before the district launched a park ranger program in 1993, 17 people died in the canyon in a 12-year span, according to CBC News.

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