08/04/2015 23:59 EDT | Updated 08/04/2016 01:12 EDT

Some damage reported as hail, rain and strong winds whip through Calgary

CALGARY — Heavy rain, hail and strong winds have whipped through Calgary, leaving some damage in their wake.

Flash flooding on Tuesday evening swallowed up some vehicles and caused delays for transit.

In some spots, the hail was so heavy it looked like snow piled on the ground.

Calgary Emergency Management Agency deputy chief Sue Henry says the biggest issue they found was catch basins backing up because of the deluge of hail and leaves that had been ripped off of trees.

Henry says the number of calls to 911 were six times the normal volume.

Acting Detective Jack Russell with the Calgary police says they received a call about a roof being ripped off a residential building in the northeast, thanks to the wind.

Doris Kaufmann-Woodcock with Enmax says it was likely thousands of people who went without power for at least a little while after the storm.

She says the combination of heavy hail and strong winds knocked down some lines, so the degree of difficulty in getting the power back on varied, depending on the area of the city.



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