Eating Spicy Food Means Living Longer, Study Finds

Give us all the curry!

If you're a lover of all things red, hot and spicy, here's some news that will make your day.

According to a new Chinese study published in the BMJ Journal, eating spicy food has been linked to a lower risk of death.

The study collected data from 49,000 people between the ages of 30 and 79, and found that those who ate spicy food almost everyday had a 14 per cent lower risk of death compared to those who ate it once a week.

In previous studies, eating spicy food has been linked to everything from cancer prevention to lower blood pressure, SELF magazine reports. Oh, and it's delicious too — from curries to hot soups to hot BBQ.

Watch the video above to find out why chili peppers in particular can be so beneficial to your health and in the meantime, it may be time to add some of these recipes below into your weekly rotation.

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