08/05/2015 03:24 EDT | Updated 08/05/2015 03:59 EDT

Tonkey The Shar-Pei From Edmonton Is The Cutest Thing On The Internet

This Edmonton puppy may #breaktheinternet.


This Edmonton puppy may #breaktheinternet.

Tonkey, a bear coated shar-pei, has rocketed to fame in recent weeks, after her adorable squishy face captured the hearts of thousands of Instagram followers.

Despite being only weeks old, Tonkey has amassed 220,000 followers on Instagram, and another 43,000 follow her on Facebook.

Owner Christine Parks, an interior designer from Edmonton, told CBC News that Tonkey's wrinkly face, combined with her long coat, is the secret to her charm.

"I think mostly it's just how uncommon they are," Parks said. "Not very many people know what a bear coat shar-pei is, so when they see this squishable face I think they're taken with her."

Tonkey is extra special, not only for her adorable looks, but also her coat. The "bear-coat" is caused by a recessive gene that both parents must carry.

"We had first pick of the litter and when we met Tonkey we knew right away!" Parks told ABC News. "She was so sweet and she made us laugh with her erratic tail — it was an instant connection!"

Tonkey starting off Tuesday right . Maxi just patiently waiting her turn . Good morning fellow broccoli lovers!.#MaxandTonkey #riseandgrind #tonkeytuesday .We're off to the studio for a little morning radio seshie with CBC Radio's Edmonton AM and Calgary Eye Opener. If you're actually up this early then listen for us!

Posted by Tonkey Bear on Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Whatever the case, we're just super glad Tonkey's owners are sharing their pretty pup with us. Because, seriously, who can resist this face?

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