08/04/2015 05:03 EDT | Updated 08/06/2015 04:59 EDT

Kid Tries To Knock Over Vancouver Busker. He Makes Him Regret It.

A Vancouver busker's light-hearted show almost took a dangerous turn after a child interfered in his grand-finale stunt.

Daniel Zindler was contorting his body through the middle of a stringless racket — while balancing on a roller board on top of a table platform Sunday — when a boy ran from the crowd on Robson Street and tried to grab the cylinder.

"Very luckily the kid let go, but I was still very shaken and my heart was racing," Zindler told HuffPost B.C. It's "similar to having something jammed in your bicycle tire while riding — you may not fall right away but will eventually."

A video uploaded to YouTube shows some spectators reacting to the boy's actions with a gasp. The child then quickly returns to sit in the crowd.

Zindler regains his balance — and does not mince words.

"F**k man, be a parent, eh?" he says to the child's parents, through a headset microphone.

"Dude, when you get down, you better run. You're young but you need to learn a lesson. That wasn't cool, yeah?" Zindler then says to the boy.

The street performer composes himself but adds, "Some people should really use a condom" — which brought applause from some people in the audience.

Zindler said the parents didn't do anything "except join in on the laughter" and giggle along with their child. They also did not stick around after the show was over.

"What's very strange is the parent didn't do anything about it, didn't stop the child during the incident, didn't seem to discipline the child after the incident," Alex Hillman, who uploaded the video, told CTV News.

Zindler is a juggler and magician based in Vancouver who has performed at festivals around the world. As a "clean" comedian, he said his only regret was using the F-word.

"What was needed to be said was said, and the rest is up to the parents," said Zindler.

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