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Vancouver Yard For Rent: 'Budget Travellers' Can Camp In The City For $500

"Avail now. Bring your tent."


Well, here's a creative use of real estate in Vancouver.

Someone is renting out their backyard for a "budget traveller" for $500. A Craigslist ad says the deal will include WiFi and use of the home's washroom, kitchen, and laundry.

"Avail now. Bring your tent," reads the East Vancouver listing that went up this week.

There's also a garage with an "art room/studio" in case the visitor is inclined to er, sculpt?

Laurel Wesnoski, who posted the ad, told HuffPost B.C. that she got the idea when she was searching for roommates for the four-bedroom house that she rents.

One candidate had asked about the possibility of camping in the backyard to save money on rent. That person ended up moving to Whistler for work, but Wesnoski thought it was viable to offer cheap accommodation for the summer.

"It's for travellers coming through Vancouver," she explained. "It's cheaper than hostels, great location."

So far, the only response has been from media, she said.

(H/T Reddit r/Vancouver)

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