08/06/2015 09:35 EDT | Updated 08/07/2015 02:59 EDT

Canada's Most Promiscuous Cities, As Ranked By Men

Nelly Furtado once sang of a "Promiscuous Boy." She could have been talking about several boys in this city.

Nelly Furtado once sang of a "Promiscuous Boy."

She could have been talking about several men in Toronto, if a recent survey is any indication., a dating website that matches older people (sugar daddies or mommas) with younger partners (sugar babies), who then support them financially, polled 12,700 men on how many partners they engaged in sexual activity with in 2014.

The site then ranked cities by the percentage of men who said they had over seven sexual partners.

Here are Canada's most promiscuous cities, as ranked by men:

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Ranking among the top 10 were Toronto with 79 per cent, Victoria, B.C. with 76 per cent, Gatineau, Que. with 73 per cent, Edmonton with 71 per cent, and Surrey, B.C. with 70 per cent.

Men in the top 10 cities engaged in twice as much sexual activity as the national average, the survey said. Across the country, about 37 per cent of men said they engaged in sexual activity with seven or more people.

Seeking Arrangement identified Toronto's closeness to other large cities as a possible reason why it topped the list.

The dating site also named Calgary as one of Canada's least promiscuous cities, with 76 per cent of men saying they only had one to two sexual partners per year.

In Hamilton, 72 per cent of men said they had that many partners, and in Halifax they numbered 69 per cent.

This isn't the first time that Toronto has sat atop a Seeking Arrangement survey.

It named the University of Toronto as the fastest-growing school for sugar babies, with 195 new members in 2014.

But while the dating site is clearly growing in certain parts of Canada, it has also taken plenty of criticism.

Debate has arisen over whether the website promotes prostitution, Global News reported.

Frank Kermit, a dating expert, told the network that he didn't see much of a difference.

"The majority of people who get involved in this want sex and that's what it comes down to," he said. "There's still expectations, there's still an exchange but it's considered a little bit easier on people's souls to get involved in this manner."

Global News also spoke with a student at Université de Montréal who said that a sugar daddy eased her financial burden by paying for rent and items she needed for school.

Seeking Arrangement outlined the difference between their site and prostitution last year, saying that sugar daddies/mommas and sugar babies have ongoing relationships.

"There are real connections and real possibilities at romance, something that is not in the realm of possibility with an escort or prostitute," said writer JennSA.