08/06/2015 04:37 EDT | Updated 08/07/2015 01:59 EDT

Chris Hyndman May Have Been Sleepwalking When He Died

In a recent interview with the Toronto Star, Glenda Hyndman revealed that she believes her son fell to his death while sleepwalking on the terrace of his apartment.

Hyndman told the paper Chris Hyndman, co-host of CBC's hit show Steven and Chris, was a chronic sleepwalker, adding that he had even eaten while asleep.

Upon the announcement of his passing on Aug. 4, Const. Caroline de Kloet released a statement regarding the investigation of Hyndman's death saying “out of privacy, the Toronto Police Service will not discuss any matter unless there’s a criminal element pertaining to a specific person.”

In 2012, CBS reported that more than 8.4 million Americans were prone to sleepwalking. And while the National Sleep Foundation says sleepwalking is most common in kids, it also affects many adults and can be triggered by sleep deprivation, sedative agents (including alcohol), febrile illnesses, and certain medications.

While some believe that sleepwalkers can't get hurt, the truth is that sleepwalking is known to be a dangerous disorder. A study in the Oxford University Journal of Neurology reported that 31 per cent of young adults who sleepwalk have caused harm to themselves and others around them.

Despite that, experts say it is okay to wake a sleepwalker, but it'srecommended to simply re-direct them instead.

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