08/06/2015 09:54 EDT | Updated 08/08/2015 09:59 EDT

Federal Leaders Debate: Elizabeth May Proves She Deserves A Spot In Each Debate

"Elizabeth May is killing it. Please include her in any and all debates. We need her voice at the table."

Less than halfway through the first debate in Canada's federal election, Elizabeth May was stealing the spotlight.

The Green party leader's performance in the debate hosted by Maclean's magazine garnered her strong praise on Twitter, where Canadians were following along zealously with the #Macdebate hashtag.

Twitter users were quick to point that May, who so far has not been invited to other debates, appeared more calm and collected than the other federal party leaders.

During the segment on energy and the environment, May demanded the NDP leader clarify his position on the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

As the debate got heated with Stephen Harper, Thomas Mulcair and Justin Trudeau loudly lobbing criticisms at each other, May wasn't getting many chances to speak.

The adoration for May grew so profoundly that Maclean's tweeted this out, 43 minutes into the debate:

There are a few more debates planned as the marathon federal election marches on, but Thursday's debate has so far been the only one to include all leaders.

"I want to say it that it will be shame if we don't have more debates because as comprehensive as the questions were we have not discussed social policy we have not discussed how we respond to the Truth & Reconciliation commission, we have not discussed how we must expand our medicare system to include pharmacare," May said in her closing remarks.

"The 86 wealthiest families in this country have the same combined wealth as the 11.4 million Canadians at the bottom, one third of Canadians have the combined wealth of the top 86 family, we have to address this."

If the reactions to May's performance on Thursday night are any indication however, we're all better off with her at every debate.

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