08/06/2015 08:08 EDT | Updated 08/07/2015 09:59 EDT

Alberta Tornado Touched Down Near Foremost (VIDEO)

A tornado has touched down in southeastern Alberta in what continues to be a week of extreme weather for the province.

The twister hit near the village of Foremost on Thursday, and was caught on video from the back of a pickup truck speeding down the highway.

The incredible footage was shot by Steven and Andrew Hougen shortly after. (Watch above.)

There were thunderstorm warnings in effect for several parts of Alberta earlier in the day, according to CBC News, but all of them had been cancelled by late afternoon.

There were no tornado or storm warnings in effect for Foremost, which is about 100 kilometres southwest of Medicine Hat, when the twister hit.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Calgary was pummelled with heavy rains and intense hail.

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