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Canadagram: Meet Hagow


Canada's Instagrammers do a great job capturing this country's natural beauty and diversity. Each week we feature one of the country's best Instagrammers.

This week, we meet @hagow, a Toronto photographer. Here he is in his own words:

My name is John, proud father of two amazing kids and I started taking pictures with my phone about 2 years ago. Nowadays everyone has a phone that can take great pictures making it so easy to capture the moment!

What inspires you to take photos?

The Instagram community is simply the best in Toronto, I have met so many wonderful people through Instagram that share the same interest as me. I think being around people who love the same things as I do inspires me to push to do better.

I take photos of pretty much anything but I really enjoy architecture and landscape. My goal is to capture ordinary things in a not so ordinary way.

What’s your favourite photo/instagram tip? Did you take a photo that demonstrates this?

Below is one of my favorite photo I took at The Art Institute of Chicago. I know that there are certain "rules" in photography that enables us to take better photos (which I know very little about) but don't be afraid to break them. I did not follow the rule of thirds in this shot but I think it works!

How did you get started in photography or on Instagram? Is there an early photo you want to share with us?

I went to my first Instameet and met some really great people that I am still friends with today. This was one of the photos I took at the meet. Thought it was the coolest thing ever! It's what we call a puddlegram. Simply using puddles of water as a reflection.

#TBT is there an older photo you want to feature?

All my pictures are taken with mobile devices as I don't own a DSLR. I also like the portability and ease of use and I really don't need to think too much. Just take out my phone and snap the shot! This picture is one of the first photos I took with the iPhone 6 Plus of the Monroe Towers in Mississauga close to my home. I was blown away by how far mobile cameras have advanced.

Follow Friday. Which Instagrammers do you love? Who inspires you to take better photos? Tell us about them.

My favorite Instagramer is Tong @Tonoariki. He has such a unique style that I love so much! His composition is always perfect! Wednesday's photo was Tong showing me how to take a puddlegram and being the good sport that he is, he was even willing to be the model!

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