08/07/2015 06:59 EDT

These Women's Bodies Carry Stirring Feminist Messages

Instead of speaking, this photographer started shooting.

Three years ago, Tucson, Ariz.-based photographer Liora Kcouldn't bear to see women's freedoms being attacked anymore.

She saw rights such as abortion, birth control and protection for domestic violence survivors come under threat. And she didn't quite have the words to fight back.

So instead of speaking, she started shooting pictures.

The result of her work was "The feminist photos," a project that shows a series of women displaying powerful messages on their bodies in beautiful black-and-white images.

"I'm a feminist because I can't live in a world where I am defined, limited, and categorized by my genitalia," she wrote on her website.

"Where women are objectified beyond reason, where rape culture thrives, and where these injustices (and more) are so blatantly ignored and denied by so many people."

The photos cover a wide range of issues affecting women, such as consent.


Birth control


This isn't the only time that Liora K has used her photography to promote an important message.

Last year, she was featured in The Huffington Post for a series of photos that show women's bodies you won't see on billboards.

Here are more images from Liora K's "The feminist photos."

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