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#HangoverMakeup: What You Need To Know About This Asian Beauty Trend

It's all the rage in Asia.

Normally when you're hungover, you tend to do anything to cover it up -- lots of concealer, Yves Saint Laurent touche eclat and probably a pair of oversized sunglasses.

Well, it turns out some women in Asia actually want to look hungover and are doing so with "hangover makeup."

The trend consists of two parts: Korean "aegyo-sal" and Japanese "me no shita chiiku."

Aegyo-sal (which means "charming fat") involves highlighting the puffiness under the eyes by contouring. The look is apparently all the rage right now, because women believe the puffy bags under their eyes make them look younger and more playful (they even refer to them as "happy eyes").

Me no shita chiiku (undereye blush) adds that "sickly" element.

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The finishing touch? Smudged eye liner to give the effect of "last night's makeup."

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If you want to get the look, head to Popsugar for a tutorial, or, you could just clock in less hours of sleep for an au naturel version (just kidding!).

Would you try hangover makeup? Let us know in the comments below!

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