08/07/2015 10:53 EDT | Updated 08/07/2015 11:59 EDT

Stephen Harper Campaign Bus Blocks A Bike Lane, Plus Other Bus Mishaps

"She went up to the bus driver to ask if he could stop blocking the bike lane."

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's campaign is being criticized on social media after a bus with his name on it was seen parked in a Toronto bike lane on Thursday.

A photo posted to Reddit on Thursday showed the bus blocking a lane on Lower Simcoe Street, CBC News reported.

It was seen on the same day that Harper was in Toronto for a leaders' debate. The Conservative leader's bus had reportedly broken down on the first day of the campaign, the Winnipeg Free Press said.

A photo of the bus was posted on Twitter, and Reddit user kennethtoronto posted a photo after his girlfriend saw the bus while she was riding her bike, Global News reported.

"She went up to the bus driver to ask if he could stop blocking the bike lane," the Reddit user told the network. "But the bus driver more or less told her to bug off."

This isn't the first time that a campaign bus has raised eyebrows during a Canadian election.

A picture of former Alberta Wildrose Party leader Danielle Smith on a campaign bus caused a stir ahead of the 2012 provincial election campaign.

Former Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak had his own transport trouble in 2011, when a campaign bus malfunctioned, The Globe and Mail reported.

The broken bus remained a secret until after the election. It later emerged that the PC party found a replacement bus — one that had been used by Las Vegas entertainer Wayne Newton, and that had a stripper pole inside it.

Michael Ignatieff, the former leader of the federal Liberals, encountered his own bus difficulties in 2010, right from the start of his campaign, according to the Winnipeg Free Press.

Ignatieff's bus eventually died and was towed by a company named Harper Diesel, the Globe and Mail said.

Current Liberal leader Justin Trudeau's brand-new campaign bus has come under scrutiny for its design wrap, according to Buzzfeed. Observers on Twitter said the font and spacing of the letters just weren't right.

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