08/09/2015 01:13 EDT | Updated 08/09/2015 01:59 EDT

New Tory Election Ad Continues To Claim Trudeau Is 'Just Not Ready'

Don't stop us if you've heard this one before...

The Conservative party has released a new social media ad that continues to send the message Justin Trudeau is "just not ready."

The 30-second video, posted to the Conservatives' Facebook page, uses a clip from the Maclean's federal leaders' debate. In his closing statement from the debate, the Liberal leader says, "In order to know if someone is ready for this job, ask them what they want to do with this job."

The video then cuts to an interview with reporter Craig Pearson from the Windsor Star, who asks Trudeau to complete the sentence "If elected, my first full day as prime minister, I would..."

Trudeau sighs, shrugs, and takes a long pause. The video then shows Trudeau's photo, and the words "Just Not Ready" appear at the bottom of the screen.

Not shown in the Conservative ad is Trudeau's actual answer to the question, which takes a subtle jab at Stephen Harper's approach to dealing with premiers.

In the full Windsor Star interview, Trudeau does take a pause before answering, saying that on his first day as prime minister, he would reach out to provincial leaders.

"I think collaborative, co-operative leadership is what people expect in the 21st century," Trudeau says. "They don’t expect nastiness and partisan attacks."

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has made no secret of her tense relationship with Harper, saying she doesn't know how much more dysfunctional their relationship can get.

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