08/10/2015 02:06 EDT | Updated 08/11/2015 11:59 EDT

Disney Princesses: What They Would Look Like If They Aged

In the latest Disney Photoshop craze, Buzzfeed has put together a video of your favourite Princesses all grown up, and the results are amazing.

Loryn Brantz, the artist behind these images even went as far as describing what the princesses are doing in their old age. For example, Ariel went on to be a renowned marine biologist. Her work has helped several species of fish come back from the brink of extinction, according to Brantz.

This isn't the first time an artist as imagined the princesses in their elder years. Back in April, Isaiah Chambers drew them for Cosmo magazine. (We're hoping to be a cool grandma, like Mulan.)

Should Disney Princes age next?

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