08/10/2015 02:54 EDT | Updated 08/09/2016 05:59 EDT

Roman Reigns Hit In The Head By Fan's 'Money In The Bank' Briefcase In Victoria, B.C.

VICTORIA — A wrestling fan got a bit too excited at a professional wrestling show in Victoria Saturday night and was arrested.

Victoria police spokesman Sgt. Bryan Edwards says a male fan snuck a "money in the bank" briefcase into the arena where a World Wrestling Entertainment show was happening.

Edwards says other fans saw the briefcase — a replica of one used in WWE shows — and began chanting for the man to throw the briefcase into the ring.

The overzealous fan tossed the briefcase into the wring, hitting wrestler Roman Reigns in the back of the head.

Edwards says that no one was hurt and no charges were laid after an apology was given by the fan.

The 31-year-old male has been banned from any WWE wrestling shows in the future. (CFAX)

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