08/10/2015 05:06 EDT | Updated 08/10/2015 05:59 EDT

Do You Have Healthy Poop?

If you're reading this on the toilet, you might to stop and take a quick peek at what's going on in that bowl, because we're about to let you know if your poop is healthy or not.

In the video above, Buzzfeed sits down with Dr. Deleve to grade different types of poo. Dr. Deleve — a gastroenterologist who focuses on the digestive tract, including the bowels — admits she's seen a lot of poop in her line of work, so she's definitely an expert.

Using artistic renderings of actual bowel movements, Dr. Deleve explains why some poop resembles pebbles, while others might be coloured green or even come out in flakes. But the best part? Dr. Deleve also explains why we can see corn in our stool — and why it’s actually a good thing!

And if your bowel movements don't look like the ones in the video, there's no need to worry just yet, says Dr. Deleve. What's normal for one person might not necessarily be normal for all. If you notice a difference in your stool on multiple occasions, Dr. Deleve recommends visiting a doctor who can help you figure out what is causing the change.

Watch the video above to find out what your poop is trying to tell you about your diet.