Cutting Pineapple: The Knife Skills Needed For Perfect Chunks

"Now I've got a dead pineapple... it looks like a murder scene."

When it comes to fruit, pineapples rank pretty high up there in terms of versatility.

They're the crowning pieces of most upside-down cakes. They barbecue perfectly on the grill as skewers. Chop 'em up into chunks and they'll pair wonderfully with a bit of chili powder. But as delicious as the fruit is, pineapple can be a hassle to prep.

Between its roly-poly form, the tough fibrous exterior and that chewy core, it's tempting to pick up a pre-prepped pineapple when you're at the supermarket. But as chef Jonathan Collins shows us in the video above, that's really unnecessary. All you need is a good knife and these three simple steps.

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