08/11/2015 12:13 EDT | Updated 08/11/2016 01:12 EDT

Demands for modular buildings on the rise due to European migrant crisis, Czech plant benefits

SUPIKOVICE, Czech Republic — As Europe is struggling to cope with an influx of migrants, a plant in a Czech village has benefited from the crisis.

The plant, part of the modular division of Paris-based Touax Group, produces modular houses and currently can't keep up with demand from German cities and state governments that use them to house thousands of migrants.

Located in the heart of the Jeseniky mountains in a remote northeastern corner of the country, the village of Supikovice may have not seen a single of one some 200,000 migrants who have arrived in the continent this year to flee war and poverty.

But Jan Petr, the plant's marketing and export director, says about 30 per cent of this year's production will be delivered to Germany, a popular destination for the migrants.

The Associated Press