08/11/2015 04:14 EDT | Updated 08/11/2015 04:59 EDT

Style Fix: Kendall Jenner Lands Penshoppe Campaign, Donald Trump Makeup Tutorial

And the weird breast massager to prevent your boobs from sagging.


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Kendall Jenner Fronts New Penshoppe Campaign

Another day, another Kendall Jenner campaign (and hey, we're not complaining!). The 19-year-old model is the face of Penshoppe's new collection entitled "Urban Rebel," which features plenty of utilitarian-style crops, bomber jackets and accessories. (Fashion Gone Rogue).

Refinery29's Donald Trump Makeup Tutorial Trumps All

Your daily LOL -- Refinery29 enlisted one "lucky" intern to undergo a Donald Trump makeover. and the results are pretty uncanny. Watch below! (Bustle)

Japanese Breast Gymnastics Hand Massager Will Supposedly Keep Your Boobs From Sagging

If sagging breasts are of a concern to you, this Japanese product may be the answer to all your problems. Called the "Breast Gymnastics Hand Massager," the tool essentially looks like a hand rake and is meant to massage your breasts to keep them from drooping. You know, in case you just don't want to use your own hands. (Buzzfeed)

Black American Men Are Dressing In Suits To Stay Safe

Mashable has posted an article called "Black Armour" that gives insight into how black men in America are dressing up in order to deflect negative attention, as a conscious means of survival. Many are choosing to wears suits to avoid being labelled a "hood" or a "thug" and to send this message: "I'm safe. I don't pose a threat. You can trust me." (Mashable)

Argentinian Clothing Company Using The Confederate Flag As Its Logo

Argentinian retailer John L Cook has come under fire for using the Confederate flag as its logo and on some of its apparel. The current president, Emiliano Fita, insists he knows what the flag represents in the U.S. but doesn't find it "relevant." (Cosmopolitan)

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