08/11/2015 01:50 EDT | Updated 08/11/2015 02:59 EDT

35 Muffin Tin Recipes For Mini Meals On The Go

Bob Chamberlin via Getty Images
Place in greased muffin tin for pie step-by-step on NOVEMBER 08, 2012. (Photo by Bob Chamberlin/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

Whether you're looking for a quick breakfast on the go or just trying to keep your portion sizes in check, muffin tin recipes are the answer.

Not just confined for making cupcakes, muffin trays are one of the most versatile pieces of bakeware. You can use them to make oversized ice cubes, place whole eggs in them for perfect 'boiled eggs' and even use an old tray to separate knickknacks like buttons and washers.

In the slideshow below, we've rounded up 35 of our favourite muffin tin recipes, from personal pot pies to crunchy taco cups and even ice cream-topped two-bite brownies. Tell us if you have a clever way to use muffin tins in the comments below.

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