08/12/2015 12:08 EDT

Edmonton Dog Living In Parked Van Sparks Online Petition, Complaints

An Edmonton woman has launched a petition to free a dog currently living in a minivan.

The campaign urges the city’s police department and Mayor Don Iveson to remove the golden retriever, which is being kept in a parked van in the Oliver neighbourhood.

"I don't understand why they (authorities) haven't gone in," Deanna Kubberness told CBC News. The petition has more than 5,000 supporters as of Wednesday morning.

Neighbour Cam McDannold told Metro News he first noticed the dog in the vehicle three weeks ago, panting heavily.

McDannold said he’s never seen the dog’s owner take it for a walk, and that he only moves the van from the lot for a few minutes every day.

When McDannold called 911 one day, firefighters who responded told him they couldn’t do anything because the dog wasn't in distress, reported Metro.

“We all know it’s not the greatest thing to do, but there’s no law against it,” Karen Meurer of the Edmonton Humane Society told the newspaper. “He’s not harming the dog in any way. He’s leaving the window open, he’s leaving water in there for the dog. He’s actually doing everything right.

Police, the city and the Edmonton Humane Society have all received complaints.

CBC News reported the owner lives in an apartment that doesn't allow pets.

"This is his dog house," the owner told CBC as he drove away. "I'm working a 13-hour day today. He's going to daycare. There's no problem with the dog and there's an electric air conditioner in the back of the van."

Animal protection officers said they will continue to check on the animal.

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