08/12/2015 06:45 EDT | Updated 08/12/2015 06:59 EDT

LCBOs Will Start Selling 12-Packs, Ontario Finance Minister Announces

Ontario is lobbing its beer-swilling citizens into the future by now allowing 12-packs to be sold at (some) of its provincial liquor stores.

The move was announced by the province's finance minister, who appears in the video above surrounded by beer.

"Today I have the pleasure of announcing the next step forward in our plan to modernize the way beer is sold in Ontario," said Charles Sousa in the clip uploaded Wednesday.

"We're launching 12-packs of beer at 10 LCBO locations across the province."

Four of the 10 blessed temples are in the Greater Toronto Area, Global News reported, while the rest are in Ottawa, Sudbury, Bowmanville, Uxbridge, Tecumseh and Kitchener.

Sousa noted that the move is just one part of a bigger shift in the province's alcohol sales.

In September, the LCBO will announce more initiatives to support Ontario craft beer, followed by a greater distribution of beer in grocery stores, said the minister.

The provincial government announced in April that it was expanding the sale of beer to grocery stores.

"The government is keeping an eye on social responsibility in all activities," Sousa said. "We're taking the time to make these changes the right way. We're listening and we're making progress."

You hear that, Ontario? Cheers.