08/12/2015 01:07 EDT | Updated 09/30/2016 12:20 EDT

Waterhen, Saskatchewan Mountie Busts A Move At Powwow

A Saskatchewan Mountie who embraced an invitation to join First Nation dancers in a powwow has left a big impression on the community.

RCMP Const. J.P. Gauthier let the music take over as he danced across the field on the Waterhen First Nation this week. (Watch video above.)

"I was welcomed by the music, by the beat," Gauthier told CBC News. "It just makes you float, and then you start to dance and follow the people."

Morningdawn Wapass recorded a video of the rookie officer dancing, and people throwing money at his feet. The gesture is to show approval of a good dancer or to encourage a young performer.

Gauthier is originally from Montreal. He became a Mountie this year, and moved to Waterhen — north of Meadow Lake — about five months ago, said CBC.

"That is what police officers should be doing, getting in with the community, making friendships, learning cultures, learning our ways, they protect us, we protect them, win win for both," wrote Tyrone Christian Laliberte who commented on Wapass' Facebook video post.

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