08/12/2015 05:14 EDT | Updated 08/12/2015 05:59 EDT

Semen Facts: 10 Things You Might Not Have Known

You can call a man at sea a "sea man," but just don't confuse that with semen, no matter how funny it may seem. (And yes, the same goes for “pianist” and “penis.”)

In the hilarious video above by Buzzfeed, an old fisherman shares some little known facts about human sperm. Like did you know the average man produces 250 billion sperm in his lifetime? And that the size of a man's testicles has no impact on how fertile he is? Or what about the fact that sperm and semen aren't the same thing?

It's true. Sperm cells are just a part of what makes up semen. The rest is a mix of water, amino acids, protein, sugar and minerals. And doctors say semen health is also a good indicator of overall health in men. According to a study at Stanford University School of Medicine in California, men with low quality semen were likely to experience other health concerns including hormone, circulatory and skin conditions.

Oh, and if you're the kind of guy who likes to keep your phone in your the front pocket of your pants, be sure to jump to the :33 minute mark to find out why that's a really bad idea.

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