08/13/2015 01:25 EDT | Updated 08/13/2015 01:59 EDT

As Seen On TV: Infomercial Beauty Products That Are Worth Trying

Don't judge a product by its cringe-worthy on-air pitch, or you may miss out on something life-changing (or hair-changing, at the very least).

It’s no secret that infomercials are exceedingly outdated, embarrassingly low-budget and oddly mesmerizing. The effect is especially evident when you’re lying in bed mid mouthful of Ruffles and peanut M&M’s.

At first glance, infomercials don’t exactly appeal to the masses or scream, “this is a hip, cool revolutionary product and you must all have it!”

However, dramatic hair flips and contrived testimonials aside, some of the beauty products featured on infomercials have been known to actually work and work well. Yep, crazy Aunt Mildred and her affinity for infomercial products really did know something we didn’t.

This is a true case of not judging a product by its cringe-worthy on-air pitch because you could be missing out on something life changing (or hair changing at the very least).

Check out some infomercial beauty products that are worth trying below:

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