08/13/2015 01:42 EDT | Updated 08/13/2015 05:59 EDT

Kid Learns Firsthand How Herding Kittens Is An Adorable Struggle

Clearly, the best minute and a half you’ll spend on the Internet today.

Here’s a playful lesson in perseverance.

A boy trying to corral kittens onto a blanket learned the hard (albeit fluffy) way why someone generations before him coined the idiom, “Like herding cats.”

In a video uploaded to YouTube, the 90-second clip shows an unnamed boy playing with four kittens, scooping up one or two at a time only for them to run away.

And instead of calling the kittens, well, kittens — he refers to the tiny animals as “situations.”

“We lost the situation,” the boy says to a pair of grown ups off-camera. “How are we going to get all these situations?”

Finally, with three resting on the blanket, the young hero is directed to nearby bushes where the last kitten is hiding. But as he walks away from the camera, a curious kitten trots closely behind, following him.

So close! Quite an adorable situation.

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