08/13/2015 02:31 EDT | Updated 08/13/2016 05:59 EDT

Fentanyl Intercepted In 'Muffler' Parcel From China At Vancouver Mail Centre

CALGARY — Another fentanyl arrest has two police forces and Alberta's health agency working together to raise awareness about the dangerous drug.

A Calgary man has been charged after a joint investigation by the Canadian Border Services Agency, the RCMP and Calgary police.

Authorities say a border officer at Vancouver's International Mail Centre intercepted a parcel from China last month marked as a muffler and addressed to someone in Calgary.

A lab test confirmed the 122 grams of white powder in the package to be pure fentanyl.

Kasimir Tyabji, who is 27 and from Calgary, is charged with one count of importing a controlled substance and is next to appear in court on Monday.

Alberta Health Services launched a new awareness and education campaign last month about the deadly opioid.

Police warn fentanyl is an exceptionally dangerous substance. As little as two milligrams — the equivalent of two grains of salt — can kill someone.

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