08/14/2015 10:08 EDT | Updated 08/14/2015 10:59 EDT

Matt McMullen Is Trying To Build The First Sentient Sex Doll (NSFW)

Matt McMullen is that man behind, a company that sells life-sized sex dolls.

McMullen started the company in his garage in 1997 because he had a passion for sculpting the female figure.

"My dolls started out as very realistic posable mannequins. Not really originally designed for sexual use," McMullen said in a reddit AMA. "The reactions I got were overwhelmingly geared toward the potential use of them as a love doll, and I decided to go with the flow."

Not only did the company go with the flow but it became a multi-million dollar business venture. McMullen's company builds specially requested dolls that range anywhere from video game characters to porn stars, the average price for the dolls are between US$5,000 to $10,000.

The success McMullen has seen in the industry has prompted him to take things a step further: a robotic love doll that can speak and interact with the customer. You can watch McMullen's explain what the future of robotic love looks like in the video above.

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