08/15/2015 12:32 EDT | Updated 08/15/2016 05:59 EDT

Donald Trump Says He'd Be A Smarter President Than Any Of His Competitors

HAMPTON, N.H. — Republican candidate Donald Trump is telling New Hampshire voters he would make a smarter president than any of his competitors when it comes to the economy, the military and everything else.

In a stump speech light on policy details but heavy on flair, Trump said Friday he would make "great" trade deals, save Social Security "without cuts" and come up with a "phenomenal" health care plan.

He has yet to release a single policy detail, but says he'll start detailing his plans on immigration, the tax code and more in September.

Despite the lack of specifics, Trump's crowd in the first primary state responded often with loud cheers and sustained clapping as Trump touted his skills as a negotiator and took on his Republican primary rivals.

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