08/16/2015 04:50 EDT | Updated 08/16/2015 04:59 EDT

Canada Goose Follows Alberta Man In His Truck To Nearby Lake

Gone goose? Well, hopefully, not for long.

A Canada goose that seemed to be lost found some help last week from an Alberta forester who happened to be driving on a rural road near Edson, west of Edmonton.

Andre Bachman noticed the goose flying away from him — but then the animal turned around to follow his pickup, according to CBC News.

Bachman pulled over and got out — and the goose stopped too. So he started recording their encounter.

In the video posted to YouTube, Bachman can be heard asking the goose "Are you lost? What are you doing here?"

Interestingly, the goose wasn't frightened. So Bachman decided to get back into his truck and lead the astray avian to the nearby Shining Bank Lake.

“I would guess that because it allowed the fellow driving the truck to get very close, that it at some point in time, it must have been imprinted on human beings,” Sid Andrews, an expert from Inglewood Bird Sanctuary told Global News.

Bachman kept the camera rolling as they arrived at the lake and the bird went for a swim.

"Once there, it [seemed] happy and stays," he wrote in the description for his video that he called "Lead A Goose To Water."

Happy trails, little goose.

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