08/17/2015 04:34 EDT | Updated 08/15/2016 09:59 EDT

Breast Milk Can Cause More Harm Than Good For Adults

When it comes to adults, scientists say a mother's milk might be causing more harm than good.

Earlier this year we wrote about B.C. Bodybuilders who were using breast milk to bulk up in a trend that was on the rise.

Since then, doctors and fitness experts have argued both for and against the practice, leaving many wondering about the general benefits of breast milk.

The Public Health Agency of Canada says breastfeeding benefits both mother and child. Breastfeeding is believed to add a level of protection from breast and ovarian cancers in mothers and high IQ scores for children.

But when it comes to adults, scientists say a mother's milk might be causing more harm than good. In the video above by DNews, host Julian Huguet addresses some of the arguments in favour of breast milk with the scientific facts that debunk them.

While some fitness forums say human breast milk has more nutritional value than dairy, DNews says this isn't actually true. According to the video, human breast milk contains 0.8 - 0.9 per cent protein, while whole milk contains 3.3 per cent. And when it comes to calories, breast milk ranks just a little bit higher than whole milk too.

But the scariest part? DNews points out that some breast milk sold online — which is where most adults are getting it — isn't tested and can often develop bacteria due to poor packaging. Worse still, in 2013, the New York Times reported that of a sample of 101 bottles of breast milk purchased online, 64 per cent contained staph, 36 per cent contained strep and 74 per cent would have failed testing altogether.

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