08/17/2015 12:46 EDT | Updated 08/18/2015 01:59 EDT

Edmonton Transit's "Cool Bus" Video Is The Hippest Ad For The Bus Ever

Riding the bus may not seem like the hippest way to travel, but Edmonton Transit System wants to change the public's perception with an awesome teaser video.

The video, created earlier this year but that took off on social media over the weekend, uses dramatic slow-motion footage of excited passengers taking advantage of some of the ETS bus "membership privileges," including "personal climate control" and the "freedom to text...safely."

The use of wind machines, climactic instrumentals, and a narrator with a deep baritone voice, all add to the drama in the "ETS Cool Bus" clip.

The ad has certainly resonated with Edmontonians, who have shared the video on Facebook more than 3,700 times since it was posted last Thursday.

"We do recognize that there are some drawbacks that people have (to taking public transit)," ETS spokeswoman Jennifer Laraway told Metro Edmonton. "But if we can show them the benefits of what you can get done on transit, it might tempt them to try it."

The video is just one in a series aimed at educating the public about the "cool factor" of riding the bus.

Our personal favourite is the blooper reel below, but you can check out the other videos here.

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