08/18/2015 08:06 EDT | Updated 08/17/2016 05:59 EDT

Gilles Duceppe: Quebec Can't Be 'Highway For Albertan Oil'

"That's not Quebec's future in Canada right now, or as an independent nation some day."

MONTREAL — Quebec shouldn't be a highway for Albertan oil, Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe said Monday after taking aim at a second energy project to transport oilsands products through the province.

After weeks of criticizing TransCanada's Energy East plan to build a pipeline through Quebec to New Brunswick, Duceppe blasted the proposal to build a rail terminal in Belledune, N.B.

The terminal would accept oil shipments by rail from Alberta, via Quebec, destined for markets overseas.

Duceppe drew parallels between the terminal and Energy East by saying there is strong opposition on the ground because the rail lines and pipelines would travel through communities and close to rivers and lakes.

"The oil route from Alberta through Quebec to New Brunswick is very worrisome,'' Duceppe said at a campaign stop in the Montreal bureau of the Parti Quebecois, alongside two PQ members of the legislature.

"I was recently in Gaspesie, Que., and people there said they were very worried about the situation because the railway network is in such a state that there could be a lot of accidents.''

Duceppe added that Quebec. and not the National Energy Board, should decide what travels through its territory.

"We cannot let Quebec be transformed into a highway for Albertan oil,'' he said. "That's not Quebec's future in Canada right now, or as an independent nation some day -- which should come as soon as possible.''

The Bloc leader called on his opponents in the NDP, Liberals and Conservatives to reject the Belledune rail terminal proposal.

"It's time for them to say if they are going to take the side of Quebec citizens or continue to be on the side of the oil and gas companies,'' he said.

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