08/17/2015 02:55 EDT | Updated 08/17/2015 02:59 EDT

Single Mom Training For A Spot In 2016 Rio Olympics

"You've had fifteen years out, your body's changed"

Some people believe having a child means giving up certain aspects of life or career. But, for this single mom, that's exactly the opposite.

Lisa Mason, 31, represented Britain in the 2000 Sydney Olympics as well as the 1998 Commonwealth Games where she took home two gold medals. Now she has her eyes set on Rio in 2016.

"I finished too early, I was in that era of gymnastics where 18 was deemed as old, after an Olympic Games people just filtered out and the next generation came along," says Mason in the video above.

Mason had planned on making a comeback in 2004 but later found out that she was three months pregnant. Since that time, she had set up her own choreography company and used her athletic experience to work as a stunt double for commercials and music videos.

Then three years ago, when she performed in a show during the 2012 London games, she realized she wanted to go back into professional gymnastics.

Mason went on to win gold in the vault during the 2013 English Championships and placed fourth during the National British Championships finals.

"I'm a single parent and financing this myself. There's no doubt it's tough," wrote Mason in an blog for the Huffington Post. "She sees everything I do now and if I quit just because it's getting hard, I'm not setting an example for her, am I?"

Watch the video above to find out how Mason balances work and life with her love for her daughter and gymnastics.

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