08/17/2015 04:26 EDT | Updated 08/17/2016 05:59 EDT

Wooden High-Rises May Be Coming To Quebec After Province Allows It, Up To 12 Stories

Tony Webster via Flickr

DOLBEAU-MISTASSINI, Que. — The Quebec government is hoping to give a shot in the arm to the province's forestry sector by allowing lumber to be used in the construction of buildings up to 12 stories tall.

Premier Philippe Couillard says the changes in construction regulations were developed in consultation with the provincial agency responsible for the building code and with FPInnovations, a research institute.

Quebec says it is the first province in Canada to allow wood construction in taller buildings while still ensuring public safety.

Details of the rule changes are included in a 60-page document that outlines what type of lumber can be used, fire resistance and structural calculations.

At a news conference in Lac St-Jean, Couillard said the changes will stimulate the use of wood in construction and provide an "enormous" potential for a sector that has seen the loss of thousands of jobs.

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