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Peter Bowden, Saskatoon Care Aide Whistle-Blower, Not Surprised He Was Fired

"The investigator was quite clear that I was out on my own. No one was agreeing with me at all about my abuse allegations."

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SASKATOON — An aide who raised concerns over how seniors were treated at a Saskatoon care home says he's not surprised he has been fired.

Peter Bowden says all the government has wanted is to see him "buried" since he alleged that residents at Oliver Lodge were being neglected.

Bowden was suspended with pay after he told reporters in March that seniors at the lodge were being left in soiled diapers and bedding for up to 10 hours.

The Saskatoon Health Region confirmed on the weekend that Bowden has been terminated, but said it was not related to his allegations.

But Bowden says he believes he was fired for speaking out.

However, he adds he doesn't feel too bad because the way he was questioned during an investigation led him to expect the worst.

Bowden says three meetings he had with investigators felt more like interrogations.

"As they progressed they got appreciably worse, and at the last one I knew then that I was toast," he said Sunday.

"The investigator was quite clear that I was out on my own. No one was agreeing with me at all about my abuse allegations."

The province has said that Bowden's initial suspension was because of a probe into allegations of misconduct in the workplace — not because he went public with his allegations.

Dan Florizone, president of the Saskatoon Health Region, said in a statement on the weekend that the decision to fire Bowden was made "based on the results of a labour relations investigation" into allegations that Bowden violated seven of the region's policies.

"There was sufficient proof and this investigation had significant cause to justify termination with cause."

Bowden said all but one of the written complaints were submitted after he went to the legislature to speak out.

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