08/17/2015 04:36 EDT | Updated 08/17/2015 04:59 EDT

Toddler Wearing: Parents Have Many Reasons For Carrying Bigger Kids


Like extended breastfeeding, toddler wearing seems to raise a lot of eyebrows. People wonder if toddlers are too old or too heavy to be carried by their parents in slings or carriers. But, for some parents, wearing their child into the toddler years offers a lot of benefits.

Just check out these #toddlerwearing posts from Instagram.

1. Walks go a little faster... and happier.

I think he really hates going for walks 😜 #tulalove #toddlerwearing #hekicksmelikeimhisponywhilebouncingintheseat

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Golden Hour Hike 🌾⛅️🌾 #bobawearingdad #bobacarrier #bobalove #toddlerwearing

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2. A way to soothe a cranky toddler.

She woke up sooo sad so toddler frontsnuggles to calm down. It worked

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3. Makes travelling easier.

4. Shopping never went so fast.

5. Best cuddles.

6. Two hands free for making dinner.

Some times toddlers just need up even if mommy still has to cook dinner #babywearing #toddlerwearing #torsocarry #carrythem

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7. Wind them down before bed.

8. Easy family outtings.

9. Finding joy in the little stuff.

10. Fit in a workout.


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11. Convenient way to breastfeed.

12. Naps on the go.

Yesterday's beach party ended like this.

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