08/18/2015 01:21 EDT | Updated 08/18/2015 01:59 EDT

Toronto Man Attempts To Cook Egg On The Driveway During Heat Alert

Can an egg really cook on a hot driveway?

It may have felt like a hot, hot weekend in Toronto (temperatures shot up past 31°C), but according to this little egg on a driveway, it just wasn't hot enough.

YouTuber Andy Wood posted this video on Sunday, after Toronto was given a heat warning with temperatures feeling like 36°C. With his experiment, like many egg-on-the-pavement experiments on YouTube, he cracked an egg over a hot driveway and left it for two hours.

"Toronto was under a heat warning so I thought I'd see if it was actually possible to cook an egg on a driveway," he wrote on his page. "Now think about your skin without sunscreen... ouch."

The end result? Well, you have to see the video above, but as you may have guessed, nobody will be cooking any omelettes on Toronto streets anytime soon. Some users believe it would have worked using foil paper, and we've seen a few different videos with even a frying pan, but again, we weren't seeing fluffy, egglicious results.

Let us know, have you tried this experiment?

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