08/18/2015 05:00 EDT

An Open Letter To Gisele Bundchen's Bare Face On The Cover Of Pop Magazine

Hey Gisele Bundchen, we'd like your skin secrets ASAP.

Dear Gisele Bundchen,

We're writing this to let you know that we want your skin secrets. ASAP. Your cover for Pop magazine's fall/winter 2015 issue sees you wearing not a slick of makeup (okay, okay, maybe some mascara and lipstick), yet you still look luminous and glowing, like the Brazilian goddess you are.

You're wearing no eye shadow or concealer and yet there's no discolouration around your eye area. HOW? Your pores are tiny, yet your skin is still dewy and fresh. HOW?? And that natural flush...We. Die.

And let's not even get started on your lack of wrinkles. At 35 we can already tell you're going to be one of those magical women who just seem to age in reverse (ahem...Halle Berry...), and again, WE WANT YOUR SECRETS.

So please Gisele, for the sake of us all, fill us in on the secret to your gorgeous, healthy glow.


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