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Federal Election 2015: Kathleen Wynne Goes After Thomas Mulcair

After months of sparring with Conservative leader Stephen Harper, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is taking aim at Thomas Mulcair.

After months of sparring with Conservative Leader Stephen Harper, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is taking aim at Thomas Mulcair.

At a rally with federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau in Toronto Monday night, Wynne said the NDP leader "talks a good game on child care and on increasing the minimum wage and abolishing the Senate," according to The Toronto Star.

"But when you look at what he's talking about, the ideas are either incomplete or they're unworkable or they're impossible."

A tweet from Wynne's account posted Monday mirrored her comments at the rally.

The Ontario premier has not exactly been subtle about her thoughts on Harper, especially on his opposition to her provincial pension plan. But her blasting of Mulcair caught some off guard. Niagara Centre NDP candidate Malcolm Allen told the Toronto Sun that he was "taken aback."

"I hope the premier will rise above this partisanship and focus on fulfilling her responsibilities to the people of Ontario."

Allen suggested Wynne was on the federal campaign trail to escape her provincial woes, such as police investigations into her government or the backlash to her plan to sell off Hydro One.

Those two issues are leading some to suggest that Wynne's support and campaigning for Trudeau could actually be problematic for the Liberal leader's prospects in Ontario.

Trudeau, for his part, said Wynne was an "extraordinary" premier, according to rally footage captured by the CBC. He thanked her for showing "what real progressive leadership is all about, showing how to make the tough decisions... all Canadians, thank you for everything you're doing.

Watch the footage from the rally below:

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