08/18/2015 08:29 EDT | Updated 08/18/2015 08:59 EDT

'Morons Of Peggys Cove' Twitter Account Warns You Not To Walk On The Edge

It might as well start handing out Darwin Awards.

A sarcastic Twitter account is calling out potential Darwin Award winners who walk too close to the edge of Peggys Cove, N.S.

"Morons of Peggys Cove" began tweeting in early August about people who come close enough to the water that they could be swept away by massive waves.

"Stay away from the edge of the water. Don't get killed. Don't be a moron. Don't do this shit," its profile reads.

Peggys Cove is a popular tourist attraction known as much for its lighthouse as for the large waves that roll in off the Atlantic Ocean.

It's a breathtaking site. But it can also be dangerous.

In April, Ontario man Jamie Quattrocchi was pulled into the ocean as he stood on some rocks close to the water with his girlfriend standing by, CTV News reported.

His body has not been found. But his disappearance has not deterred tourists from risking their own lives, despite warning signs that have been posted there, the network said.

"It's very mesmerizing, and you kind of ignore ... all the cautionary signs," tourist Aaron Spitzer told CTV in May.

The provincial government plans to install bigger signs at the site, CBC News reported.

But for now, the Twitter account hopes to succeed where previous warnings have failed.

It has tweeted a mix of photos ...

Memes ...

And images from other users.

And while many posts are sarcastic and humourous, there's a serious message beneath them.

This is one place where it would be better not to live on the edge.

(Photo of Peggys Cove via Wikimedia Commons user Dennis Jarvis)

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